Focus Dream Center


We Provide clean waterto the public

FOCUS DREAM CENTER believes that Water is a basic necessity, and an important resource for sustaining life. The decline in water quality endangers the health of humans as well as the ecosystem. Clean drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation play an important part in maintaining health. It results in control of enteric diseases, and boosts child health 

Sanitation is important for all, helping to maintain health and increase life-spans. However, it is especially important for children. Around the world, over hundreds of children under age five die every day from preventable diarrhea-related diseases caused by lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

Today millions of people all over the world do not have access to safe and clean drinking water as well as sanitation. FOCUS DREAM CENTRE aims at supporting initiatives that offer;

Provision of clean and safe water

Access to safe drinking water (e.g. water safety planning (the management of water from the source to tap); household water treatment and safe storage)

Access to improved sanitation facilities, through Micro flush toilets

Hand washing with soap at critical times (e.g. after toilet use and before the preparation of food)

Agri business


Clean, Safe water and Sanitation reduces death mortality