Certified Nursing Assistants Students During Their Practical Session

Nursing students are undertaking an internationally recognized course (Certified Nursing Assistant CNA). We welcome all interested students to participate in this incredible success story. Health is a fundamental pillar in society, which places these students in an advantaged position in the job market.

Focus Dream Center Board of Advisors , Teachers and Staff

We have a passionate team of professionals who make it their primary objective that Focus Dream Center achieves its objectives. We are very ambitious and confident that our contribution will make a significant positive impact on the community.

Focus Dream Vocational And Technical Training College Development in progress.

The progress is so impressive and Focus Dream Center Kenya is so excited and so grateful to the Focus Dream Center USA team, partners, and donors for the support. As of January 2022, six classes and three offices, and a store are almost complete. Focus Dream Center Kenyan team led by Roman working on obtaining all government licenses and credentials. Glory be to God this is God’s Doing.