Focus Dream Center

These are the heroes with the passion to transform their communities


Seven Hills Global Outreach

We promote and encourage the empowerment of children and adults with significant challenges so that each may pursue their highest possible degree of personal well-being and independence.

Children Garden

We provide means for orphans, destitute, poor and oppressed children to grow up into educated, Godly and responsible citizens who can positively impact their country and improve the lives for other Kenyans. We do this through parental love, spiritual care, rehabilitation and offering education to nourish their personal development for the benefit of Kenya and Africa at large.

Liberty Church

We believe you were designed to thrive in every area of life and God’s design for us to experience that is community. We grow more like Him in the context of community and we were not designed to do life alone. The primary way we cultivate community and care for people is through our Community Groups.

Focus CBO

FOCUS provides sustainable community programs through evidence-based approaches that are effective and efficient.

Bethel Children outreach

We are determined to win the lost at all cost, and make as many disciples for Christ as we possibly can in our generation.


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