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Sponsorship Programs

Focus Dream Center aims at developing interventions to needdy students in Kenya through scholarship programs.

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Youth Empowerment

Focus Dream Center provides youth empowerment projects/programs to equip them with the necessary skills that will help them to be tomorrow's leaders.

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Water and Sanitation Hygiene

FOCUS Dream Center supports initiatives that provide:
• Clean and safe water
• Water safety planning
• Improved sanitation facilities through the construction of Micro Flush Toilets
• Proper education in hand washing hygiene
• Support to Agri business opportunities in the community

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Outreach and Medical Missions

FOCUS DREAM CENTER aims at constantly providing the services to people who might not otherwise have access to those services. FDC will constantly work with development and religious organization in identifying the gaps and develop strategies of addressing those gaps.

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Partnering to build a world where children,  youth, women, and all members of the community are safe, strong & valued.

FOCUS Dream Center’s is a registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, with an aim to support sustainable community programs that target the vulnerable members of our community. We support programs that provide educational, nutritional and medical support to vulnerable communities, as well as providing water and sanitation initiatives. We promote youth and community awareness, advocacy and sensitization of issues through education and the distribution of materials in the areas of HIV and AIDS, reproductive health, drugs and substance abuse, depression, environmental issues and gender disparity.

Our programs aim at addressing different social-economic challenges as well as raising social consciousness about the causes on a local and global level.

We also support programs or initiatives that provide sustainable solutions.

To maximize our impact on current efforts, we hope to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and development organizations/institution with a shared mission. 



Scholarships include:

  • Nutritional and livelihood support
  • Educational support
  • School supplies

Outreach and Medical Missions

Outreach and Medical Missions include:

  • Medical camps
  • Medical equipment support
  • Community health centers

Water and Sanitation

Water and Sanitation Program include:

  • Provision of clean and safe water
  • Micro flush toilets
  • Agribusiness

Youth Empowerment and Support

Youth Empowerment and Support Program include:

  • Youth outreach programs
  • Youth exchange program
  • Youth life skills development programs


A Brighter future for orphans and vulnerable children

Our sponsorship program currently assists orphans and
vulnerable children through nutritional, educational and
psychosocial support

Clean and safe water

Dr. David Jordan of The Seven Hills Foundation officially
launching the water and sanitation project. The project
provides clean and safe drinking water to the surrounding community.

Providing access to quality healthcare

In collaboration with well wishers and donors, we provide medical supplies, computers, clothes and other supplies to Kenya to serve the less fortunate members of the



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