FOCUS Center in Ruiru, Kenya

Families orphans and children under stress (FOCUS) is a youth initiative formed as a response to the societal socioeconomic challenges, faced by Children, Youth and the community at large, with an overriding interest in HIV/AIDS and its socio-economic impact.  

Founded in the year 2002 the organization is a legally registered entity with the ministry of gender, children and social services in the name of Families Orphans and Children Under Stress (FOCUS) FOCUS uses multidimensional channels of communication to promote Behavior change and achieve positive socio-economic development. The organization operates in Kiambu county and other regions beyond.

FOCUS is a Non-Governmental Organization  formed as a response to the socio-economic challenges faced by the children, youth, and community at large. With emphasis on HIV/AIDS prevention, care  and support 

Vision:  To be a distinguished community service organization promoting humanity for all 

Mission:  To provide sustainable community programs through evidence-based programs that are effective and efficient.

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